Christmas A.D. 2007


We wish all our friends and families a huge amount of joy, love, happiness, good health, always a great humor and fair winds!

On Caribbean Christmas breakfast is celebrated with a glass of “mimosa” (champagne mixed with orange juice),


special sweet Christmas bread, cookies with a cup of tea or coffee. Like in Poland, these days everybody visits his family and friends. We were nicely surprised by Kai O’hana – “Ocean Family” (see their website) – our friends from the same quayside, who visited us in the morning.


The rest of the day we spent with our friends from TWCC,

Andy & Jannica

just chillouting… :)

In the evening we are visiting Johnny’s family, we will taste some of his excellent Christmas meals, listening and jammin’ to reggae :)

What is new on our website?

We have 2 new galleries from Wooden Boat Festival in France and one of our Works.

There are few new photos in galleries: People, Fauna and Impressions, and something new in Photostory section - check it out!

Podcasts have developed in Sound Magazine EcoFonlisten to it’s jingle!

We came back to St. Martin with a broken computer and without our camera, which was lost somewhere in Bequia… That is why there are less photos to publish on our website this time. Fortunately, we have managed to fix our laptop and localize our camera – it is on it’s way :)

Happy New Year to all of you!

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