6 October 2007

Since the time we’ve bought our YouYou and then came back to work in charters on St. Martin,

our thoughts were always with her, on Trynidad.

Finally, we had our holidays! Mikolaj’s brother – Kuba

– came by plane here and three of us sailed Jacqueline to Becquia

(the story about our trip you can read here). Then all together we flew to Trynidad to work on our boat

(the story about YouYou’s refreshment

you can read here). After three very busy weeks, our holiday finished. Since the end of September we are back to work – but not in charters yet :) Mick is working on his dive courses and Pat is resting.

We have also started the registration process of YouYou. Guess what flag will be waving on our stern??? VANUATU! :)))

We are announcing the opening of YouYou’s official website here!(still under construction)

We have also two news for you – good one and bad one.

First, the bad one – because of server problems we have temporally lost our connection to our mailbox info@aroundtheworld.pl and you have lost the connection to our website through www.aroundtheworld.pl

So good news now: we can still be in contact! Our alternative e-mail address is mwestrych@wp.pl And temporary access to our website is http://wwwaroundtheworldpl.blogspot.com/

According to our plans for the nearest future – we are coming back to do charters for several months

and then we are definitely coming back on our YouYou (to lunch her as quick as possible!).

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