About us

We are travelers from Poland. In 2006 we started around the world trip by yacht hitch-hiking (just with backpacks, sleeping bags, a tent and a stove), sailing in Europe and across Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. 
Now we continue travel on our own 29' sailing yacht YouYou!
On www.aroundtheworld.pl you will find podcasts, videopodcasts, stories, pictures and more from our travels. But the most important, we would love to share our knowledge with others and invite you to share experiences as well to make www.aroundtheworld.pl useful for travellers and all looking for adventures!

Patrycja Dlugon see my portfolio
Radio presenter, journalist, Master of Philosophy. Previously hosting her own music radio shows and now - Sound Magazine EcoFon - podcasts from around the world trip by yacht hitch-hiking. 

Mikolaj Westrych
has been sailing since he was eight, and for the last 12 years only at sea. Master of Economy, now he looks forward to become Master of his own boat. Until recently the Marketing Director of an international construction company. In 2005 he finally replaced his suit with oilskins!

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