1 May 2008

We Would like to thank to all our friends for being with us! Even when we don't contact some of you often enough, please believe we miss you, we think about you and we are working to intensify our relations. :)

That's wright… Just before Easter our computer has "died". It took us 3 weeks to recover our data and luckily we managed to get our pictures and Pati's recordings back :)

Again, a lot has happened since last news... a lot of time has passed by the way ;) We've changed our job - we left Jacqueline but in good hands. Imagine, just before our leaving, second Polish couple in TWCC's history just arrived to St Martin. Kasia and Slawek became our friends very soon :)

So, since the beginning of the year we have been working as a cook

and a bosun

on 115' private superyacht.

Snow Goose is a pretty, luxury yacht. She is really big!

Besides the Captain/Owner and us, the crew consisted of two South Africans: Aubrey

and Garret,

who later replaced very nice girl from Ireland - Joey.

Winter base for the yacht is Gustavia,

beautiful little town, capital of St Barth - an island situated just next to St Martin. Sometimes, in our free time we were hiking around this lovely, colorful island.

Anyway, we've just finished working on Snow Goose!!! Right now we are on our way to Trinidad, Chaguaramas, where our YouYou is waiting for us! As we got to know from Chris, the engine is working beautifully :) We have to paint her sides and fix a few other things and then... GO TO THE SALT WATER!!!

According to our plans, we are going to reach YouYou till 11th of May, when we will be celebrating 2nd anniversary of our trip!

So... Ladies and Gentlemen 11th of May there will be an official premiere of Sound Magazine EcoFon! Podcasts will be available for free downloading and listening on-line on EcoFon's website.

Be welcome!

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