February 1, 2010

Well ... we did not post anything yesterday, as it used to happen in warm, Sunday, evenings. Those who are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day with a “thick cable”, probably would not believe what a problem one can have with Internet access. Those who tried at least once to get WiFi in more or less distant bushes know that the Internet on deck is really a luxury. We are lucky (not always) to receive it wirelessly to YouYou, anchoring in the center of Spanish Water.

Although sometimes slow, but great to have it without going ashore, which always makes out of it a kind of expedition... Then we have to pack quite a lot of stuff -  publishing the post takes us usually all the evening, sometimes late night, black night and from time to time even very early morning ;) The equipment always consists of obligatory coffee, computers and other accessories – travel in a watertight case. The same with the cell phone and the camera - they have their own separate watertight boxes ;) For whose who get cold quickly (how can you freeze the Caribbean ?!?!?!?) – usually a jumper with a hood ... A bottle of fruit juice (as coffee lasts only for our way ashore)... We have to close the yacht, swich off all electrics, close valves in the toilet and the engine room, then a half-a-mile ride on a dinghy through the bay to the friendly resort. Because of a modest size of our dinghy -"Bequia Pride" goes usually quite wet - the smallest waves splash on our faces .We are considering to improve the comfort of our travels. Heavy weather gear and boots would be mabe too much, the same like riding dinghy dressed only in swimsuits ... We believe there must be a way out ....

Coming back to the Internet, we damaged our WiFi adapter, and thus we lost communication with the e-world ;) from the deck. So last night we went on an expedition to Limestone where after installing everything, we discovered that the local network is just not available… What's more, there were no other networks available. Our last chance failed…

A new day brings more sun on our issues. Although still not on YouYou, we have finally access to the net (another expedition ;)!

On the way ashore we took photos of all the yachts, which we were passing by. 

Are you wondering what all they have in common? All are ketch rigged, meaning they have two masts, of which the front mast is taller. In our bay there is only one exception! It is also a doublemasted yacht but schooner rigged. In my opinion the best kind of rigging for a cruising yacht is ketch. We wonder what are your preferences? We are starting a new section on www.aroundtheworld.pl - which will deal with various issues in the field of sailing. You can vote for your favourite option. The polls results will be published on our web.

So here you go: "What kind of rigging would you choose for your yacht?"

The survey is located on the right side, below the message box. Have fun voting, enjoy!

We also invite you to watch the first video-podcast on request - the last audio podcast was enriched with a number of colourful pics from Caribbean ...

Video Podcasts on Request also available on Ecofon’s channel on YouTube.

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