January 24, 2010

We proudly invite you to listen to the second Podcast on Request – this time about Limestone Holiday Resort. Enjoy!

Photo: Courtasy of Limestone Holiday Resort
Last week brought us more surprises. Fortunately, the  good ones :)Although we have already spent "a few" days here, we’ve never gained the personal contact with Jolanta Pawlak - a Polish artist living in Curacao. Reviewing local guide books and periodicals about the island long time ago we found the publications devoted to the unique art works of  Ms Jolanta. We found out she has her gallery here located in one of the fifteen buildings forming the most famous, fabulously colorful street in Willemstad. I think all that made us shy enough to postpone our meeting. Fortunately, Patricia during one of her visits "in town" finally went to that gallery. Thanks to a lady working there, Pat managed to have a phone chat with Jolanta. As a result, the ladies agreed to re-contact and a meet soon!  After returning to the yacht excited Patricia told me all about what she saw in the gallery - especially the huuuuge rings ;)

A few days passed, our cell phone rang and Pati - after literally a few words - informed me that we have to jump immediately to our dinghy and head to Limestone - to meet Jolanta. So suddenly, I even did not have time to comp my dreadlocks  ;)
Some minutes later, the three of us were sitting in the shade of palm trees on a private beach at the stone table (painted by Patricia few months ago). Ms. Jolanta turned out to be simply Jola! - a girl of our age :) Very elegant, smiling broadly and so nice! She was wearing the beautiful jewelry - all these tiny works of art have been designed and manufactured by herself. We’ll tell you more about Jolanta’s works another time (I know Pati is preparing for an interview, so soon you will be able to know Jolanta Pawlak closer), meanwhile please visit her  website


and blog.

Two days later, we were invited to Jolanta’s home. And here another surprise!

It turned out that there are more Polish living in Curacao! Jolanta’s Mom came and two friends of her with their children.

Soon Jolanta’s Dad came as well and we moved into the parents house - the beautiful apartment on the beach. We had a great view of the sun setting and a gentle breeze. Delicious genuine Polish PIEROGI 

were the highlight of this evening We also watched a very interesting movie about Frederic Chopin’s influences on Antillean music... More on that topic you’ll find here another time :)

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