January 5, 2011

We are sending you all warm greetings and best wishes for the New Year 2011!
It started for us in a very special way – we were celebrating it with amazing Queen Ifrica on her concert downtown Kingston, Jamaica…

Queen Ifrica - 1.01.2011, Kingston, Jamaica

Maybe it’s still enough time for you to come for upcoming special concert – the annual feast of Tony Rebel & his Flames Productions - Rebel Salute 2011?  It’s still  more then a week to get here till 15 January, so have a look on your schedule! :)

So amazing things are happening for us at the moment that sometimes it’s difficult to believe – luckily we are documenting most of it so we’ll share it sooner or later with you.

Yes, we’ve moved finally out of Spanish Waters in Curaçao! Have a look first, how it was when we took our YouYou out of water in that short slideshow:

And this is a quick impression of our following trip to Bonaire (with quests onboard!) where we met the only reggae band on the island – Rasta Ora. Here you have a video to see how it all went and how great was their music…

In contrast to Bonaire, of course on Jamaica there are loads of reggae! We are constantly listening to it – if not on Queen Ifrica shows, then just played ashore or on the radio, which is the best radio we’ve ever met in our travels!
Another day YouYou is anchoring in Port Royal with an impressive view on Kingston and another day our computers are getting really hot! Hope to share more with you soon!

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