April 5, 2010

Let me explain why we had such a long brake in posting...
As it happens sometimes in life, there were a few things accumulated at the same time which made us physically and mentally unable for any computer activity. Add to that our "quiet days" on YouYou (that’s life…) and as the result we did not have enough good attitude to share the joy of life with others... Do you understand what I mean?

Fortunately, "after the night a day comes and after the storm, it’s calm again!" Finally! I’m going to come back working on computer as for probably four weeks I haven’t used it at all and I have to catch up with emails and FB – I’m sorry about that.

Pati on the contrary was very successful with the computer :) Below we present the Web page, which she created for a sailing friend Diana. This website is a wonderful presentation of the yacht for sale. We invite you to have a look on it and who knows, maybe someone among you is willing to be the owner of that beauty?

Most of the time we devote to help our friend in completing and launching his yacht so he could finally experience the joy of sailing. Together with other sailors - Terry and Oliver from Switzerland, as the team we move the project forward every day :)

Life in the Spanish Water goes on. New boats come and go and the old guard continue to grow the barnacles on anchor chains  ;) In two months another season finishes in the Caribbean. Soon in Curacao several yachts will find their shelter in hurricane season and again it will be crowded on the water and the surrounding bars will fill with sailors celebrating daily "Happy Hour" at sunset...

We said goodbye to our friends Hugo and Cecilie, 

who are on board s/y Serendipity...

they sailed to the east. During their stay in Curacao their plans have changed dramatically and, instead of previously planned going to the Pacific Ocean through Panama Canal (which is in the distance of only 600 nautical miles from here), they will sail around the east coast of South America and sail to the "other side" through Straits of Magellan – what a wonderful proof of freedom and independence that comes from traveling and living on a yacht! Here you have their website: www.sy-serendipity.com

Also Dominique on board s/y Oasis left our anchorage. 

Dominique is a wonderful, interesting man, with thousands of stories about shipwrecks, deep diving and free dive. Dominique is passionate about the underwater world and over the years worked closely with Jacques Cousteau. Visit his website dedicated to underwater mysteries www.dreamwrecks.com

What’s more, also Janusz left from Curacao – there was a meeting to say goodbye to him at Ludmila’s house 

and then s/y Wereda sailed to the north. You can follow Janusz watching his website www.wereda.com.

One day after Janusz’s departure, Gosia and Thomas 

Photo courtesy of Jolanta Pawlak 

became our neighbours in the anchorage. Great people, full of joy, optimism and good rules for life :) They stopped in Curacao on the way to Panama. They intend to sail the world aboard of steel yacht s/y Sanny. Before they sailed toward Panama

we spent a pleasant evening on Sanny, accompanied by Jolanta and her parents. 

You can follow Gosia & Thomas’ stories on www.rejsyjachem.pl

They told us about Victor, a solo sailor from the Czech Republic who anchored just nearby. Of course, we decided to meet Viktor closer and we visited him on board of his steel yacht s/y Slava. 

An extremely interesting figure, however, does not intend to write about his adventures to share with others… Many of his stories became lessons of sailing for us.
As I mentioned before we are busy with work. Although, for some time we managed to organize sessions of Yoga together with friends from another boat - and again, as before leaving Poland, our bodies got a great workout. Now we intend to get the training materials and practice more and more, if possible…

... And so once again Easter came. 

This time, Patricia baked the traditional Polish yeast cakes – also in Caribbean variation with the coconut... 

I’ll remind you on YouYou there is no oven so she used traditional method of baking "pot in pot". 

Baking bread, I can honestly say, has been brought to perfection - unless someone likes a thick, charred crust ;) now it looks like this :) 

There was also the queen of soups ;) and of course eggs! In many forms. I love Easter :)) And again we missed our homes and beautiful traditions of Easter there - here they are totally abstract... 

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