March 1, 2010

I guess now we can reveal what kept us busy for last few days:) I don’t think here only of the video presented today...

This evening, March 1, in eighteenth-century "Fortchuch" at the entrance to the bay Annabaai in the center of Willemstad, there will be a concert on the occasion of 200th birth of Frederic Chopin. We have already mentioned a few weeks ago about surprising us connections between Chopin and Curacao. In the meantime we’ve learned many things about it, we know more about the local art and artists.

On Curacao the preparations for the great jubilee lasted for many weeks. This evening we have the culmination - the walls of the historic church will be full of Mazurkas, Polonaises, etudes and scherzos. All will be combined with Chopin's letters, read in English by two narrators. On piano we’ll have Maestro Harold Martin and the introduction - in Polish - will be presented by Polish artist Jolanta Pawlak, living and creating in Curacao for 10 years. 

We’ll have more about this great event soon. We are very excited about the upcoming concert. On this occasion also, instead of February 28 we decided to celebrate the birthday of Patricia 1 March, as this year there is no February 29 :)) For the last two weeks we were in the same age ;) By the way, imagine that Patricia on m/v Vreeland (remember last week video?) was also born on 29 February – funny, isn’t it? :)

There was much less fun to discover the rust on our yacht ... It turned out to be a result of a tiny leak in our window…

So I had to cut out the old piece and make a new one in its place.

Well, we live on a yacht, in a very "aggressive" environment. YouYou is constantly exposed to corrosion, especially because of the salt in sea water. The same water is also the reason of the various "situations" associated with electrolysis which takes place between the different metals used on the yacht. Add to this never tired barnacles, stubbornly seeking space for their house with a family on the immersed part of our boat and at the bottom of our dinghy. Shellfish accompanied by green algae are particularly active near the water line. Fortunately, as it's hot too, and a jump overboard into the pleasantly warm sea brings real relief. Regular treatments with plastic spatula in hand, allow us to keep the hull in good condition. But it is not easy...

It didn’t go so easy to change the window in the head, either… Mainly because we had no sufficient energy to run the welders. Ray of the German yacht Elsa made the first approach. He arrived in the dinghy with the generator and welder.

Unfortunately, our electrodes were too thick. I announced on VHF radio that we are looking for thinner ones. Salvation came from the French yacht anchoring close. Despite the changes in the electrodes, the generator was not able to do the welding. The same situation occurred with a little larger generator which we borrowed from Timo. Our Honda also did not make it ... We ended up with just placing a new element in the proper position in the right place.

Yesterday another friend sailed to us with his big boat, which normally supplies fresh water to anchoring yachts.

Jo brought a huge generator and a bigger welding machine. The whole job took an hour.

It’s just a pleasure to look at his job!

I remembered the repairs of s/y Czarny Diament, which we did with the captain Jurek Radomski in Montenegro some years ago. Steel is the best material on the yacht, in my opinion. Well, I only have to learn how to weld! Patricia knows already the basic secrets of preservation and processing of steel :)

And talking about steel, you must have steel nerves to take a movie as presented below. Well, I was sleeping when this happened ;) Patricia invited the whole flock of fruit bats

for the evening feast.
Some time ago we heard from other sailors about bats searching at night for bananas. A few days later, we noticed that "something" eat little bit of our bananas hanging in a hammock inside our YouYou, and we also heard the whirr of the wings while sleeping ... The next evening, we made ourselves a horror show ;) We put an open banana on our aft cabin and comfortable sit in the cockpit, with hot coffee mugs in hands. After a few seconds the first guests came. Soon it’s companions appeared as well. One after another, bit after bit, they were eating the fruit... But what Patricia filmed the next night, was surprising even for me! Have a look:)

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