February 14, 2010

The highlight of last days was definitely the carnival in Curacao. In fact, the carnival began in January but now we are experiencing it’s peak of excitements while watching the street parades :) A few days ago there was a children's parade which unfortunately we could not attend. But yesterday and today we had more luck. Of course, we took the camera and Patricia’s recorder and went by public transport to the northern part of the island, to Barber. This time the bus route was shortened because the main roads were closed to traffic. 
Already on our way from Willemstad we saw many beautifully dressed people but what we saw later was just amazing!
We spent several hours jumping to the rhythm of Tumba. Powerful sound systems were installed on the platforms on truck trailers.
In addition to DJ’s standing behind the tons of amplifiers and speakers, there were some platforms with live musicians too. 
All of them put all the heart to squeeze all the juices from amplifiers and huge speakers facing directly the following group of dancers. A procession of dozens of trucks slowly was moving along the entire width of the street accompanied with crowds jumping on it’s both sides.
Everybody gathered together to celebrate the carnival. The nationality, wealth status, colour of the skin or religion – don’t matter. This is a special time when all borders are disappearing and joy, dance, music and shared fun are what only count. 

Fortunately for the dancers but for the grief of photographers, there was not to much sun this day and the sky was grey with rainy clouds. 
I decided to skip photography and did a few short movies which we will put together on YouTube soon.

The highlight of the evening was a visit to a Polish priest, Marian Cieciwa, who for many years have been taking care of the local church. 
We got there thanks to Jolanta Pawlak and her parents, whom we accompanied on the street fiesta. Father Marian invited us to a barbecue in the garden of the presbytery.  
We met there more Polish people and really have forgotten that we are so far from home. Thanks for the invitation!

As we are talking about Polish, few day ago we met a sailor Janusz. 
His boat, s/v Wereda 
is lying in Curacao Marina. We spent a very nice afternoon, 

an evening, 

and the conversations lasted till the morning. Janusz is a wonderfull person and has a very nice website - have a look on www.wereda.com

Coming back to carnival, today we started in the early morning. In this way we could watch the preparations for the upcoming Main Parade. 


Before we found ourselves in the centre of events, we also met another Polish priest, Jan Typa. He is taking care of beautiful church on the hill overlooking the area of Santa Maria, the place where the parade started today. It’s route (about 9 kilometres long) ended up in the centre of Willemstad. 
To keep us going we eat Lumpia’s -  one of culinary specials of the island even they do not come from here but from distant China and Indonesia. Delicious! :) 
Goes very well with cold beer :)

In our new gallery we share some pictures from today! Hope you will like them but remember, carnival on Curacao is different to Rio’s - here there is much less nudity and sexuality but more fun and joy for everybody :)

And again this year my birthday was exactly on February 14. Thanks to everybody for lovely wishes!  

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