January 3, 2010

Do you still have fireworks in the sky? What’s happening in Curacao is unbelievable! Let’s start from the beginning - already long time before Christmas, every night the sky above that flat island was shining from time to time with fireworks. The closer to New Year's Eve, the higher the frequency of explosions. January 31 started with fireworks in the morning  - I wonder why wasting them in white, sunny day –  only the sound and smoke were noticed...

The New Year's Eve we spent with our friends Timo & Annemike. Already from 20:00 we could enjoy the magnificent fireworks display - here almost no one waited for the midnight :)) The apogee of course was between 23:30 and 01:00 but the 00:00 was difficult to distinguish :)) What a temperament!

About six in the morning we were woke up by a series of machine gun fire, as first thought. Fortunately it turned out to be only the continuation of the neighbouring events near ashore - fireworks to greet the sun :) Here there is a tradition that one should greet the new year having fun until sunrise. January 1 was full of shooting fireworks throughout the day and night again. At the anchorage in the Spanish Water we could admire the "power shows" of teams from almost half of the island :) The second of January, virtually unchanged :) Well, maybe just with no such alarm in the morning... In the evening, our neighbours made a beautiful piece of work, presenting a diverse and impressive show literally 150 meters away from us ;) Well, now it’s January 3 and it is clear the ammunition is already ending, but it certainly does not mean that there is silence ... I do not know whether they are still buying more or just have so much to use. Anyhow, we have fun and we understand much more now why Curacao is famous for its longest carnival of the entire Caribbean :))

Going back to recent days, they were very special for us for many reasons: that was the first Christmas "on our own," when we were not just working in the charters or on someone else's yacht. We have a real Christmas tree, a hundred of white lights in the cockpit, and now the best: Pati made an excellent Polish traditional food for Christmas! 

In fact, the Polish-Japanese because the dried mushrooms were Japanese ;)

At midnight we were at the Mass at the church in the open air, where we went with our friends. 

Today I finished assembling SSB radio (which we got in 2008 still in Trini from our friend Joseph)

with antenna tuner (we got recently from our neighbouring yacht). The first quickly scan the channels and I found the weather forecast broadcasted from Washington, just for the Hawaii region ... divine! I mean, SSB works! :)

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