December 6, 2009

Today we have more fresh stuff to listen to :) Pat is constantly wearing headphones… ok, not while painting :)
Sound Magazine EcoFon proudly presents…the first “Podcast on Request: Sail – Relax - Explore” – it’s the invitation to the paradise island of Bequia and all 600 gorgeous islands of the Grenadines – The Treasures of the Caribbean

Listen on-line

Also, Polish translation of conversation with Carina is available now as a new podcast.

According to our new friend Carina, she has became a part of sailor’s community here in Spanish Water. It looks like she has already hitch-hiked the boat :) And it also looks like the journey will be to Venezuela, not Columbia as she thought :) Anyway, what’s the difference ;) Especially if while looking on a map you are thinking ”which way is the longest one” :)

Yesterday Santiago and Juana kidnapped us so we are spending the weekend in their house.

So exciting! We already were dancing to vibrate rhythms of salsa, bachata and merngue and exchanged the culinary experiences with them. Now we took a break to publish that post from the house of our friend Didier from Columbia.

Later, we will check how locals spend free time, as on other Caribbean islands – while partying on a seashore :) And there are many beautiful beaches around…

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