December 20, 2009

Today we have a podcast and a video for you! Also more news…
Last week was full of exciting events. First, we got an email from Carina with the information that she arrived safely to Venezuela. She re-visited the convent of the Sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, then she got to Colombia and now is moving in the direction of Antarctica. Incredible, huh?

Shortly after Carina’s departure, an old wooden fishing vessel “Vreeland” left the anchorage, with Patricia and Wiebe on board. 

On the eve of departure, we managed to meet and record a conversation with them and to make material from the "engine start procedure”. Yes, yes, the process is very complex and deserves the separate footage - on our website coming soon!
Again we went to visit a pilot whale Sully ;) This time we met George - a guardian who just arrived with lunch: fresh fish for Sally. Wow, we had wonderful show while feeding! 

We did a movie and Pat interview George so you can expect more stuff about Sally in near future.
We got to know that Sully unfortunately will not return to live in freedom ... In the coming days he will be flown to San Diego in the United States. The good news is that there are two adult females waiting for him in a large aquarium ;)

While in Curacao there is no snow, but we also feel that Christmas are coming :) We’ve dressed up our tiny Christmas tree -  a branches of real spruce. We hanged it on starboard side in “salon”. It is fit on gimbals so we can even sail with our Christmas tree now :))

What's more, Thursday night we went with our friend Timo (very interesting character, you'll hear about him  from us :)  for a short walk in island's capital - Willemstad. Christmas fever here is felt in full swing. The streets were dressed up with colourful lights and decorations like all the shops’ windows. 
The traffic on the streets was truly enormous. Within just a few hundred feet we came across a lot of bands, 

accompanied (or not - hihihi) by the audience :) Enjoy a video review of the unofficial Street Music Festival Willemstad 2009 ;)

In the end there are two Polish accents:
At the nearby friendly resort, a prominent Polish scientist prof. Jan Rapacz, stayed with his wife, Judith just for one night. 

Here you have a very short podcast of our meeting! 

Lastly, our new neighbours in the anchorage turned out to be Wladzia and Olek, Polish crew of the yacht s/y "Alexander" from Gdynia

They are in their cruise Around the World too :) They have no Web site and probably will not have any…
Their plan is first to go to Panama and spend Christmas and New Year there and then the Galapagos, Marquesas ........ and we will stay one more year in the Caribbean ...that’s tough life too :))

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