November 22, 2009

The last week was very busy – this time we took some days off to take care of our own little yacht. Also, we hardly ever started our computers…

Although, Patricia started some new project on our hand driven sawing machine 

and while turning the handle in the rhythms of reggae within just a few hours she created seven new pillows :)

Some other projects were finished as well 

– for instance the installation of the VHF Antenna Separator so now we can simultaneously use the stationary VHF and our FM/AM radio having only one VHF antenna. Now we can listen to more then 20 radio stations here in Curacao! ;)

What’s more, today another of our little dreams came true – above YouYou’s aft cabin the new solar panel was mounted! 

It has proved already it does a great job and YouYou’s Yanmar can have a little rest now :)

We were also visited by Juana & Santiago from Dominican Republic

who have been living in Curacao for several years. After YouYou’s speciality pancakes, sipping Cuba Livre we were admiring lovely sunset while talking about the life in Curacao, Dominican Republic and in Poland….
As we mentioned the food… We had a little YouYou’s Potato Festival 

and every day we were tasting a new meal based on that amazing vegetable ;)
We also took a chance to meet closer Sully, a young Pilot Whale who some months ago was stranded on a beach nearby. 

It was exhausted, hungry and nearly dying. Because of a great care of some professionals and effort of hundreds of volunteers, Sully is back in shape now and now it’s the highest time for him to return to wildlife, as the last in the season pots of pilot whales are passing by… More about Sully you’ll find here soon – for now have a look on a short movie from our stay on Jan Thiel beach.

In the very end we’d like to introduce you our new friend – Carina from Estonia

She has been travelling around the world BY HITCH-HIKING for last 2 years, and this is one of her many escapades! Recently she has arrived from nearby Bonaire island by yacht hitch-hiking! You can follow her on

Well, tomorrow it’s Monday, tough life… these awful palm trees, clean water around, lot’s of sun everyday and maybe diving on Tuesday… Going back to work!


John Clark IV said...

Congratulations, guys, on getting so many projects done! The new solar panel looks great. Great Job. And you even managed to keep your blog updated too. I'm impressed.
Where will you be heading next? We will keep in touch by reading your blog. Cheers, John & Aly said...

Hi there! Thanks! We are trying to beat you but you are making such a great job on your web... :) We are staying on Curacao till April I think and then Jamaica :)