1 November 2009

Today we have quite breaking news…
Because we did not manage to collect enough money for additional equipment for YouYou nor for crossing another ocean, we decided to spend one more year in the Caribbean.
Telling the truth, there are only good sides of it. Besides getting more funds we are going to finally visit Jamaica and Cuba, and later maybe to explore beautiful and wild coast of Colombia. We still hope to spend some time in San Blas islands – on the territory of Indians Kuna Yala. It looks like we will cross Panama Canal in January/February 2011…

Meantime after our working hours 

we socialize with neighboring sailors 

- getting new information, exchanging the experiences and the equipment :) Yesterday for instance we got a large jib, in addition to the rest of our set of sails. For the future sailing we can use:
  1. a large genua on a roller furling system
  2. best for sailing in trade winds smaller genua (as YouYou is cutter rigged we can carry two headsails at the same time)
  3. on our inner stay now we can stretch also a large jib, or
  4. small and strong storm jib
  5. in addition we have brand new asymmetric spinnaker
  6. our old main sail with two riffing points
  7. and another main sail (a little bit too big but we’ll find the solution) which we got from our friends from Alma Livre :)

What’s more, we managed to exchange one spinnaker pole too big for us (bought in St. Martin) for a smaller one, just YouYou size!

Instead of a radar which we cannot afford at the moment, we’ve got a second hand AIS receiver. That wonderful device connected to our computer or stationary GPS, will inform us about the ships around us, showing their course, speed, name, call sign etc. We are still looking for a tuner for SSB radio and soon we are planning to buy a big (for our yacht) solar panel – so we will not have to charge our batteries everyday running the engine. We can’t complain for the luck of sun :)

Although Curacao is a lovely place and we are busy working here and there, we have started to look for new possibilities on other Caribbean islands - the new season starts soon and telling the truth we prefer sailing then staying in one place… At any time  we are ready to leave YouYou with a few additional anchors and to fly to any island, if we have a good job offer :)

Meantime, please have a look how beautiful views we have anchoring in Spanish Water :)

And one more thing, yesterday my first mate exchanged oil in our engine for the very first time. Wow! Congratulations!

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