6 October 2009

We would love to explore the island of Curacao and create some materials from this beautiful place, but for the time being, we do not even leave our bay because we're working in the area. 

Mick hangs on a nearby masts, exchanges shrouds, mounts the steps, etc., or dive below others yachts :) 

Meanwhile, Patricia for example helps our sailing neighbours to set up and run blogs & works with her podcasts  on request... HERE you can see a web of Christopher and Geraldine, who have been travelling the world for 7 years on their yacht s/y Scorch of Wessex.


We hope that in the end the time will come to tour the island. In meantime, “after hours” we are preparing our materials for publication…

And finally the best news: today we got a beautiful guitar and microscopic amplifier (“YouYou size”) 

from our friends Aly and John. They have their travel page - Hop And Jaunt! 


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