30 September, 2009

First of all, sorry for the exceptionally long silence.

Best regards from Curacao, one of the three islands of the Netherlands Antilles, lying off the coast of Venezuela. Since the last entry on www.aroundtheworld.pl we visited Dominica, St. Barths and St. Martin. Unfortunately, we had not enough time to sail to Jamaica before the hurricane season...

What happened with us since we left Bequia?
The answer to this question you will find in two STORIES: "Voyage to Dominica"

and "Vacations in the Caribbean?", to be published still this week (first time in both Polish & English!) :))

Currently, for the second month we have been organizing the funds for the transit of the Panama Canal

as well as for living in the Pacific. How we found out from other cruisers, the Pacific Islands are very expensive...
The list of equipment the boat needs for the ocean passage is not long but it contains the most costly items. Therefore, we got into the whirl of work

(for a change?),
to save as much as possible before the jump into Panama in December.

What's more, a small revolution happened to us!

As a first step, we are reorganizing the existing page www.aroundtheworld.pl as well as its management. We decided (finally!) to post more often but with the smaller amount of information rather than rarely, but extensive, like so far. Thus, we would like to return to the form of a blog, from which so successfully we have been escaping since the very beginning.

The second but more complex step is a completely new page www.aroundtheworld.pl, which in future will replace the current one!

Now you can expect a fresh portion of information every week!

So we invite you to subscribe to our news,


as well as to share it wherever you wish.


For that purpose we’ve created two new features (above & also under the menu) - just select the icon and follow the further instructions, if you'd like to i.e. automatically receive information about new entries on www.aroundtheworld.pl :))

In addition, we have launched the Message Board – for discussions and information exchange for everyone! Feel free to edit it!

Tomorrow you’ll find here Mikolaj’s STORY from our cruise to Dominica. And today in our LOGBOOK section you can check what was the rout of YouYou’s virgin voyage and where we are at the moment.

Bye for now!

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