29 April, 2009

That was a great adventure with legendary Caribbean Schooner Friendship Rose

and it’s crew,

Capt. Calwin Lewis, Dell, Jobe, Lair, Colin, chef Almeida
even when these last weeks were really demanding, unfortunately not excluding the Easter...

We were so busy that even our traditional Easter Sunday breakfast we had on Easter Monday... :) What’s great, that on this first Easter at home we had “zalewajka” – the queen of soups based on very special acid mixture, a present from Mikolaj’s Mum.

As usually, we publish news in an important stage of our journey. Now’s the time to leave lovely Bequia, say goodbye to our old and new friends and point YouYou’s bow sprit in direction of Dominica. That is supposed to be our first stop on a route to Jamaica. Generally, it’s high time to go North and then towards Greater Antilles. YouYou can’t wait!

In meantime, be welcome to see how was s/y YouYou launching

and her maiden voyage.

We also added some new movies to our Video section, of course all aboard YouYou.

What’s more?

Two information: some weeks ago our camera broke... We hope to repair it in St. Martin. Recently, we were lucky enough to take some photos using cameras of our friends :)
The second information is about our third crew member... No, no, it’s not what you are thinking about ;) For last one and a half of the week we had a laughing gull on board :))

With a broken wing she drifted to the open sea so we’ve rescued her, cured her, gave some fish and... one day before our departure she decided to come back to freedom. We hope she’ll manage :)

That’s all for now :) We are going to rise our anchors and untie from a palm tree :)

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