26 October 2008

Ahoy! We’ve happily came back from Brazil! Telling the truth, we came back 2 weeks ago but we got completely into works on our little boat, not having breaks and not slowing down at all. In that time we finished many of „projects” – the list of them is long, though :) Anyway, it was time now to spend some time working on computer :)

Have a look at the results
In Stories section you’ll find (for now in Polish only but with loads of photos!):
- YouYou’s refurbishment – Part II

Voyage to Rio took us 2 months. That was sailing against current, wind and waves, and what’s more, it was the worst time of the year. Definitely that is one way passage – but in the other direction, to Trinidad :) Nevertheless, Nordwind impressed us with all it’s possibilities and it’s seaworthiness, getting the title of the best sailing vessel we have ever been sailing on... More about that voyage you’ll find here next time...

Anyway, we have to come back to our projects for now – putting new gas and 2 electrical installations, drilling thru hulls, refreshing galley…

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