19 April 2007

Life is full of surprises… A lot has happened since publishing our last news. What exactly?

An Atlantic Ocean passage was really something amazing!

After 20 days of wonderful sailing started in Canary Islands

we dropped an anchor in Bridgetown on Barbados...

where we spent Christmas...

and met new friends.

New Year’s Eve we celebrated on Tobago, anchoring in beautiful Charlotteville.

There we met Jungle Man, who has been living in rain forest since 15 years.

Two days later we arrived to Chaguaramas on Trinidad. Santana was taken on hard to do some maintenance and refurbishments (of course not because of our ocean crossing!),

and we started to look for some job for us as it was in our plans before. Surprisingly, very quickly we found a great job offer for a couple :)

And once more, in very short time we packed our things...

and changed the location - this time we found ourselves on British Virgin Islands.

Two hours after arriving in Tortola we bordered 45’ catamaran. Next week we spent as a training crew on one of 17 luxury Trade Winds Cruise Club’s catamarans.

Two weeks later we did our first live charter as a captain and 1st mate on s/v Coral Dreams, one of three Royal Cape catamarans.

One week later...

we moved to another base of TWCC – placed in marina La Royale in Marigot on St. Martin.

At a very first look we saw there two huge catamarans - the biggest in the fleet of TWCC – Marquisess 56’- Motu Iti of Tortola...

...and Jacqueline.

As it occurred one week later, one of them – Jacqueline – became our home for the next couple of months…

So far we did here several charters visiting for example St Barthelemy, Ile Fourche, Ile Pinel,


Anguilla, Sandy Island and the Dutch part of Sint Marteen.

After two charter weeks right now we have a week-off – still living on our beautiful Jacqueline...

and resting a bit.

So… we have decided not to move from here till we are able to continue our journey on our own little yacht :)

In meantime we are going to publish here the materials collected so far in our around the world trip by yacht hitch-hiking.

So what’s new?

Have a look on our story from Wooden Boat Festival Douarnenez 2006

– many photos but text in Polish only.

Because of looking for new job we’ve created PatMikTEAM website

– our internet portfolio (it works! :)

We updated our Logbook.

For professional purposes we’ve also created separate website – Patrycja’s portfolio

you can see there what she did so far and what are her new projects.

For all these three people interested in podcast we are very sorry for the delay in it’s publishing - it will come when it comes. Patricia is busy now with preparing salads and raising the sails... :)

Anyway we hope to keep our news more up to date ;)

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