Tommy said...

Well Done & good luck, I wish I had the nerve to do what you are doing!

www.aroundtheworld.pl said...

Hi Tommy! Thank! We wish you your dreams come true! Fingers crossed! :)

Jesse said...

Hello from the cyclist you met in Galicia! I just got home from my trip yesterday and had the chance to check out your site...incredible! I look forward to following along your travels. Are you guys in the Canary Islands yet? If you ever happen to be anywhere near New York or New Jersey let me know b/c it would be great to meet up again. If you are homesick I can show you where to get very good Polish food in New York. Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Hope the two of you are well and still living the dream, I`m on a large motorboat at the moment as skipper - easy life!!
And never forget that it tastes like chicken!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! I guess you must have got across the pond then, well done! Are you staying over there for the season? Your site is looking really good, cant wait to hear the podcasts.
We are going to the Alps for Christmas! Have a great time over there and drop us a line sometime, all the best